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I am a small business in the Chicagoland area. I am currently looking for business opportunities and would love to work for you. Please call or e-mail Finance Management today for a free consultation.

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Are you sick of having insurance companies return your claims for reasons unknown? I am trained in helping you to increase your turn around rate and increase the cash flow. Too many doctor's offices around the world are having funds withheld because the insurance companies are trying every trick in the book to keep from paying you. You performed the services, you should be paid on time. Finance Management services can help you:

  • Have claims sent out on time
  • Reduce returned claims
  • Increase cash flow
  • Process payments on time
  • Make a plan for better turn around time
  • Manage patient collections

In every office that I have worked I have managed to device a way for the cash flow to increase. My techniques are reliable and compliant with HIPPA regulations. We can sit down and look at your current situation and device a plan of attack for your office. We can look at current and old EOB's and figure out why your claims are being denied. If we are within the one year stipulation I can rebill those claims and get you the money that you deserve.

Do you have patients who wont pay their co-payments? Do you have a very high collection rate at your office? I can get your collection list down to a minimum. I work with the patient to come up with a way that makes the doctor and the patient happy without short changing the doctor. I have worked in offices where patients owe thousands of dollars and I have collected all of the amount owed in one year without using a collection agency. You and I can sit down and device a plan that will work with you and your patients.


I started this company recently because I was sick of seeing doctors going under because of poor financial management or because they lacked the knowledge to run a business. One of my former bosses told me that it is really hard because they do not teach you how to run a business in medical school. Unless you were very ambitious and took a few business classes, you would have no way of knowing how to start or keep a practice going.

Many doctors rely on trial and error every day. Because of this more doctors end up shutting their doors because the money is not coming in and too many errors have been made. This holds true for other business owners as well.

I want to help business owners who are having trouble making ends meet each month. I want to make them profitable and able to stay in business for years to come. Whether you need someone to come in part time to help with your billing, or if you need someone to help turn around your business- I am there for you.

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