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I am a small business in the Chicagoland area. I am currently looking for business opportunities and would love to work for you. Please call or e-mail Finance Management today for a free consultation.

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I have a solution to your everyday office needs. My services can help you with:

  • Medical Billing

  • Management Help

  • Accounting

  • Human Resource

  • Training Staff

  • Web Design

By having these services performed in your office you will be saving hundreds of dollars per week. You do not need to have someone in your office five days a week, eight hours per day- there is no reason for it.

By having our services contracted to you, twice a week I can get all of your needs completed in just a few hours. It is efficient, and you can be assured that it will be done correctly.

Contact Finance Management today to have these services better your company's future.



I started this company recently because I was sick of seeing doctors going under because of poor financial management or because they lacked the knowledge to run a business. One of my former bosses told me that it is really hard because they do not teach you how to run a business in medical school. Unless you were very ambitious and took a few business classes, you would have no way of knowing how to start or keep a practice going.

Many doctors rely on trial and error every day. Because of this more doctors end up shutting their doors because the money is not coming in and too many errors have been made. This holds true for other business owners as well.

I want to help business owners who are having trouble making ends meet each month. I want to make them profitable and able to stay in business for years to come. Whether you need someone to come in part time to help with your billing, or if you need someone to help turn around your business- I am there for you.

Contact Finance Management today for a free consultation to start your journey towards financial success.

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