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Sometimes it is hard to have an employee who is leaving train the new employee. You don't know if the new person is getting trained correctly. Or you don't have a staff member to train the new person and you simply do not have the time. Finance Management provides services to help you in this area:

  • Job descriptions
  • Detailed training manual for each position
  • One on one time training of your staff on any position
  • Training checklist
  • Progress checklist
  • Training period (Trial period)

I believe in having everyone at the office cross trained in all areas, except accounting, within a month. I believe this because there are so many times that someone gets sick, pregnant, goes on vacation, and you have to hire someone from the outside. Most of the time you simply call up temp agencies to get someone. The problem with that is that you have to train them and you have to pay double for their services. The poor person coming in gets paid $8.00 an hour and you are being forced to pay the temp agency $16.00 an hour. For what? Extra time for training away from what is most important to you, your clients.

With these services you will be able to have every member of your staff cross trained in all areas to alleviate this problem all together. This not only helps your staff to be team members but it lifts the burden from you when an employee is absent for whatever reason.

I also believe in making job descriptions for each employee so that they know exactly what their job consists of at all times. A lot of business owners come to me and say that they have employees who just sit around and sometimes do nothing. A job description can help your employees by listing at the end the things that you can be doing when there is down time. I know that it sounds dumb and why should you have to tell your employees what to do but you have to.

Also, by having a detailed training manual in every position you can be assured that when you hire a new employee that you can simply give them the book to take home and read. And guaranteed the new employee will pick up the job a lot quicker. And if they ever have questions they can simply go back to the book and look up their answer without bothering you.



Are you having problems with your employee turn over rate? Do you find that you have no idea what to look for when hiring someone? When you have a small business it is very hard to know exactly what to look for when hiring someone. You simply want someone to come in and do their job. Finance Management services can help you:

  • Hire new staff
  • Terminate current staff that just are not working out
  • File tax paperwork
  • Produce an employee handbook
  • Enroll employees in benefit programs with proper paper work
  • Process quarterly employee status reports
  • Add new employee to current payroll (Direct Deposit recommended)

The first step for any small business is to develop an employee handbook. Without one your employees will always be confused as to what applies and what does not for certain areas. We can sit down and go through a very simple worksheet that will help to develop a handbook that is just right for your company.

I can train your current office manger of current hiring, and termination techniques that get the job done but the right and legal way. I can provide your staff with the proper state and federal paperwork that needs to be filled out and completed for each new employee. And I can help train your staff to know exactly what does and does not belong in an employee folder.


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